Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Styling Ala James Bond with Spy Camera

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Rows of this device was fitted dubbed as a surveillance camera. Most likely no one would think that a watch, clock, pens, buttons and flashlight is actually a miniature camera. Users also can get a little style style spy like James Bond.

Inside the watch, clock, pens, buttons and a flashlight, there are cameras that can record video or snapped photos. To watch the tape, the user can easily connect to a computer.

1. Pen Camera

Pen has a glimpse of this elegant shapes. Her whole body was wrapped in black. And this pen can also be used for writing.

But apparently behind the clamps used to tuck a pen in your pocket, there is a small hole that is the camera. Simply press a button on the pen, then the camera will start recording. Recording the results can be copied to a computer via a USB port. The video itself is not good enough, but good enough to simply show the objects around. 4GB storage capacity of its own reach.

2. Watches Camera

Equipped with a variety of buttons, one might think of its uses is to work especial menu at the clock. But apparently some of the buttons functions to control the camera feature in these hours.

There is a power button, indicator, hole plugs to connect the camera until this hour with the computer, to see the videotape or camera. Unfortunately, this watch is rather heavy and less comfortable to use.

3. Flashlight Camera

This black flashlight capable of emitting light to illuminate the darkness, like any other flashlight. But again, this flashlight is able to record the situation around him armed with a small camera. On button to turn on the flashlight, there is also a button to turn on the camera.

The location of the camera itself was in the midst of a flashlight. Flashlight bright enough so that the presence of these camera hole obscured.

4. The camera buttons

Small camera this one is its form like a flash disk, but with additional buttons at the top. Well, these buttons can be tucked behind the clothes will be in action when a surveillance camera. At the bottom, there is a micro USB plug. With 4GB of storage capacity, quite a lot of content that can be stored recordings.

5. Desk Clock Camera

This tool can be said to be the most superior among other types of surveillance cameras on top.

Supported by a large battery capacity, camera tangible clock is capable of recording video up to 12 hours. Was fairly greatest memory, supporting up to 32 GB and as this is the picture quality.

Hawkers of surveillance cameras is not yet widely encountered.

But in Indonesia, there is one online store that sells such devices, kamerapengintai.com. Sites that fronted a teenager named Victor claims to be able to sell hundreds of units each month.


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