Thursday, July 21, 2011

Android Digital Wallet Will Enter to Asia

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Android phones ability to perform the functions as a digital wallet just waiting for time to go in Asia. Google - as pembesut Android - make sure this is only a matter of legal problems. According to Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, the existence of the chip NFC (Near Field Communication) make this a reality.

With this technology users can take advantage of cell phone like a credit card. "Google's wallet payment system will begin tested in Japan. Having recently in the United States, within the next few months will go to the new Asia. It's just a matter of regulatory issues," said Eric, in the event Google Mobile Revolution, which took place in Tokyo, Japan. With a digital wallet on the Android phone, users need to be convinced not to worry if you leave the house without carrying money. Stay just paste your cell phone to transact. "The technology is open to anyone. And the latest generation Android phones will be able to run these features," said Eric.

Previously, Google claimed to have worked with Citibank, Mastercard, First Data and Sprint to tested and operate these services in some regions of the United States. Google Wallet initially be working on the new Google phone Nexus S which operates on the Sprint network. Then be expanded to other Android phones, but only special that has NFC technology.

NFC chips in mobile phones allow users who have entered their credit card details, make purchases with PayPass system of CitiMasterCard. Users simply holding the phone in the sensing device when purchasing goods and automatic payments charged to credit cards. Google Wallet can be used in 124 thousand stores in the United States.

Then 311 thousand will be visited again in the world. Google ensures transactions through Google Wallet can be done safely. They claim security is a top priority in this new service.


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