Monday, July 18, 2011

HTC Flyer Tablet Android Review

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HTC has officially marketed their first tablet in Indonesia. HTC Flyer, armed with a myriad of features that make it look different from most other Android tablets. Some time ago i have tasted HTC Flyer, and feel the sensation using the gadget. Well, this time i will explore more deeply about the features offered.

Design Teasing

In view of this product is different from that never tasted i some time before its release. Still looks elegant and seductive. Moreover in the package users are given a bonus white-colored leather case is interesting. Hold this product seemed to fit in the hand. The entire body feels solid thanks to the unibody metal materials are used. Display screen also looks bright, comfortable enough to read a long article and to watch the movie High Definition (HD).

But unibody metal material that is not fully attached fun. In addition to a battery that can not be removed, users will also be a bit difficult to open the cover of this product when you want to insert the SIM card or an external memory. The surface feels too slippery, so prone to slipping when the user's hands to sweat. Oh yes, the product has a weight of about 420.8 grams, is quite heavy compared to the same size tablet pc.

There are three main panels in the HTC touch Flyer ie Home, Menu and Back, with a special key for the Magic Pen others. The four seemed to touch panel integrated with gravity sensors. The proof, when used in portait mode, the panel is located on the bottom, and when used in landscape mode it was four panels follow the movements of the user to the bottom (usually on the side). This has never encountered on other tablet pc. At the interface, the HTC Flyer faces made all-out. Desire performance similar to S but with a bigger screen.

Interface that is so interesting because this product is immersed HTC Sense 3.0. The difference with the previous series, animated homescreen shift every now increasingly attractive with three-dimensional transition. Not to forget also included some widgets like a typical HTC Friend Stream, Mail, Weather, News, and the widget 'library' containing a variety of digital books. In addition, there is still connected with the HTC Hub and applications and Watch applications that can be used to rent or buy movies. Quite interesting is not it?

Performance Self

Although not tabpet PC the loudest, but the performance on offer is still fairly sufficient for some purposes such as processing documents, visiting sites with flash content, up to watch high resolution movies. So even when used for gaming. I try to play some titles like World War, Eternal Legancy, Gun Bros., and Air Attack HD was smoothly played. Want to try to convince, I try to do testing using multiple applications bechmark. The first test conducted by Quadrant who managed to carve figures of 1869. While the application AnTutu System Benchmark score 2429. Indeed not the greatest, but HTC promises an exciting experience thanks to the 'Pen Magic' are included.

Various Functions Magic Pen

Pen Magic 'which is included in the HTC Flyer is designed to write true, but in fact its function is more than that. For example to paint, highlight text in the web, take a screenshot, signature of documents, and all of it can be sent directly via email or social networking.

There are two main buttons Magic Pen, the button down to write, whereas the top to remove. For resources, the device is supported by an AAA battery. Seductive design, features are plentiful, and the presence of a 'magic pen' seems to be the main attraction of the HTC Flyer. But unfortunately these tablets Android Gingerbread priced above the market price of other tablets at Rp 6.9 million.

+ Design cool
+ There is a Magic Pen
+ Interface interesting

- Slightly heavier
- Still Gingerbread HTC Flyer

¤ OS: Android 2.3.3
¤ CPU: Qualcomm 1.5 GHz
¤ Memory: 1GB RAM and 32GB of internal memory
¤ Screen: 7 inches , 600 X 1024 pixels
¤ Camera: 1.3 MP in front and behind 5MP
¤ Connection: HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Blutooth 3.0, Micro USB
¤ Size: 195.4 x 122 x 13.2 mm
¤ Weight: 420.8 g


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