Sunday, July 17, 2011

Push Notification Twitter Come for Android

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Just Twitter update applications for Android, presenting the most requested feature Google's mobile community.

New features that were presented it is push notification. Yes, this means that when users get a Direct Message or any other activity on their Twitter account, you will see a pop-up notification on the status bar Android. Before there was this feature, users must manage their applications manually to refresh every few minutes or directly access the application to get the latest updates.

Quoted from TG Daily, Sunday (17/07/2011), push notification is now the same as Android apps for Facebook, where those features are standard features that must exist. Another update that added Twitter is the ability to 'juggle' more than one Twitter account from the same application.

Many people today have more than one Twitter account to separate the activities between work and personal lives. Now, there is no limit to the number of accounts to be linked with the application. Switching from one Twitter account to another is as easy as touching a button to access the menu 'Accounts'. But keep in mind, users should be careful that this does not make them easy to post updates on the wrong account. Latest version of Twitter for Android already available in the Android Market as free downloads.


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