Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mozilla Prepare Operation System for Tablet

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Mozilla is preparing a special mobile device operating system. Even though 'similar' Chrome OS, the target is the smartphones and tablets. Project to create this new operating system called Boot to the Gecko or abbreviated B2G. Web-based open operating system is almost the same idea as conceived by the Google Chrome OS. However, if ChromeOS made to the notebook, B2G this project will target smartphones and tablets. As stated by Andreas Gal Mozilla technician who quoted from eWeek, Tuesday (07/26/2011).

Gecko name of the project is taken from Mozilla's layout engine. Say it, Mozilla will build with components B2G Android and Gecko as its main technology. Mike Shaver, one of the lead developers of this project, said Android is only used to a minimum. Android kernel and drivers say just be a starting point. In this project paved the Mozilla hoped to attend the help and advice from many developers in the world.

They will cooperate in the scheme of a typical open the Open Source community. Of course, Mozilla would need time to compete with the Chrome OS. Google just took two years to achieve the expected results, and now Chrome OS is still on the rise as well.


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