Monday, July 25, 2011

Samsung Prepare Smartphone Galaxy 3D

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The device of three dimensional (3D) the main attraction at this time. Not surprisingly, many vendors now embed the 3D capabilities in its products. A rumor spread, mentions that Samsung is working on a 3D-capable phones Galaxy. ETNews, South Korean news site, in its report, citing people in the Samsung says that the company plans to launch a 3D mobile phone, like those of the HTC and its nearest competitor, Motorola.

Specifications are more or less similar to the HTC and LG Optimus 3D Evo 3D, both of which have a 3D screen which can be seen without the aid of special glasses, front and rear camera which can be used to take pictures in 3D format, as well as dual-core processor Exynos powerful. on Monday (7/25/2011), phones that use Android OS Gingerbread reportedly is likely to be named Galaxy 3D and 4.3-inch screen size.

Other additional features are also interesting, Samsung's 3D Galaxy can display 3D content into 3D TV via the HDMI connection. If indeed there is a new feature, it can be an important breakthrough since the ability to share their 3D media are very limited.


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