Sunday, July 31, 2011

'Samsung Galaxy R' Release in UK

Samsung Galaxy R

SAMSUNG increasingly confident released its flagship product, the Samsung Galaxy.

In the UK, Samsung re-launched its latest smart phone, Galaxy R. The phone is identical with the mobile phone galaxy Z. The operating system used in this latest mobile phones is Android 2.3 Ginggerbread. In addition it is also equipped by Samsung's TouchWiz user interface with the new version.

Armed with dual core processors and uses a 1GHz processor NVIDIA Tegra 2. To display used, the SC-LCD touch screen measuring 4.2 inches. This phone provides a capacity of 8GB of internal memory which can be expanded via microSD memory card slot up to 35GB manifold. In addition, the Galaxy ® has also been equipped with a 5 megapixel camera capable of recording 720p HD video, FM radio, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, and battery capacity of 1650mAh.

Recently the news says, the phone is just gliding in the UK. Fans of Samsung mobile phones are asked to be patient waiting for news of this venture into other areas. Here are the specs and features Samsung Galaxy R:

¤ Network: GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900
¤ UMTS: 900, 2100
¤ Data Transfer: UMTS & HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
¤ Dimensions: 125.3 x 66.1 x 9:45
¤ Weight: 135 grams
¤ Screen: Super Clear LCD, 480 x 800 pixels, 4.20 inches, 16M colors, Multi-touch, Light sensor, Proximity Sensor, Scratch-resistant glass
¤ Operating System: Android Gingerbread
¤ Processor: Dual core processors, Tegra 2 Cortex-A9, 1 GHz
¤ Memory: 1024 MB RAM / 2048 MB ROM
¤ Internal Memory: 8 GB, microSD card up to 32 GB
¤ Camera: 5 MP, LED flash, auto focus, Smile detection, Panorama
¤ Video Recorder: Resolution 1280Ã-720 (720p HD)
¤ Multimedia:
- Music Player Format: MP3, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +
- Video Playback Format: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, DivX FM Radio
- Youtube Player Browser: Support HTML, Flash
¤ Messaging: SMS, MMS, Google Talk, Email (IMAP , POP3, SMTP, Microsoft Exchange)
¤ Connectivity : Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, WiFi (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n), microUSB 2.0, Audio 3.5 mm jack, DLNA
¤ Other Features: SNS Integration (Facebook, Picasa, Twitter), GPS, Phonebook, Calendar, Alarm, document viewer (Office 2007, Office 2003, PDF, Other), Stopwatch, Countdown timer, memo, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Google Search
¤ Battery: Li-on 1650 mAh, 4 hours talk time, 620 hours standby time
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scientists Create Battery for iPhone Transparent

transparent battery

Scientists at Stanford University, California, United States (U.S.), try creating a lithium-ion form a very thin sheet of flexible and transparent. He hopes his invention can be used to make transparent the iPhone. Yi Cui and his team, inspired invisibility makes batteries for Apple's craved gadget transparent one day become a reality.

"I want to talk to Steve Jobs about this. I want an iPhone transparent!," Cui said that a battery of experts as well as professor of materials science at Stanford University. Cui made the battery along with one of his students Yuan Yang, who is first author of papers on lithium-ion batteries transparent.

"If something looks smaller than 50 microns, your eyes would like to see it appear transparent," Yang said as quoted by the LA Times, Saturday (07/30/2011). He explained that the maximum power of the human eye sight in the range 50 to 100 microns. Yang and Cui create such a framework for battery electrodes, which every line of his 35-micron-sized width. Because it is still in development, these batteries are still enhanced.

For now, these batteries do not provide enough power for laptops, but it can be used for the camera. And Ciu optimistic, developed a battery that no longer can have a stronger power.
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Monitor Batik AOC i2430Ve Review

AOC Monitor

AOC constantly updating the product line monitor. Now turn the monitor series i2340Ve who stopped for us to try. What is interesting from a monitor that was first launched in the second quarter of 2011 was? If the AOC e2043Fw we've tried some time ago is one model of product line Green, i2340Ve this time comes from the line of ergonomic products. AOC claims, these products use a technology that delivers wide viewing angles from all directions.


From the design, using a casing made of glossy i2340Ve with batik motifs strokes on the back and base of the monitor.

According to the AOC, this motif inspired by Indonesian batik and batik motif is the use of their efforts to support the movement of love batik in Indonesia. Although not a line of Green products are more environmentally friendly, but at i2340Ve available also features e-Sensor.

This feature serves to detect the presence of users in front of the monitor. The benefit, if the user leaves the computer and the monitor is active, he is able to automatically reduce power consumption. The following is a brief specification of the AOC i2340Ve:

Screen size: 23 inches wide display
Width: 58.4 cm
Format: 16:9
Brightness: 250cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 20.000.000:1
Pixel size / dot pitch: 0.265 x 0.265
Display Area : 509.76 x 286.74 millimeters
Viewpoint: 178/178 degrees
Response time: 6 milliseconds
Maximum Resolution: 1920x1080 @ 60Hz
Dimensions: 563 x 413.3 x 190 Weight: 3.8 kg
Power Consumption: 35 Watt (1 watt standby)


Interesting to be tested is the e-Sensor features provided on this LED screen monitor. By default, the sensor will detect the presence of users within a distance of 120 cm from the front of the screen. However, the sensors monitor the distance can be adjusted as needed. There is also the setting time to go into power saving mode from 10 to 30 minutes. AOC claims, with such features, the monitor can save electricity consumption by 50 percent compared to regular monitor.

AOC Monitor i2340Ve

In terms of connectivity, the AOC provides only a simple connector on i2340Ve ie a VGA and DVI ports. No other connectors such as HDMI are now plural found in a variety of computer or multimedia device.

Quite unfortunate especially considering the monitor supports full HD resolution. In the market, AOC i2340Ve currently circulating in the price range of Rp2, 67 million.

Features Excess
¤ Sensors energy saving
¤ Point of view

Lack of widespread
¤ Connectivity is simple, does not support HDMI
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Friday, July 29, 2011

iPhone 5 Display Screen Wider

A new iPhone case designs that leaked on the internet indicates if the fifth generation of Apple's smartphone would show a much different design than its predecessor. Based on the reports cited 9to5Mac TG Daily, Friday (07/29/2011), the design of the casing is leaking it displays the screen and home button are larger but with a thinner body.

9to5Mac managed to get this information from their sources, who previously also give leak design iPad 2 appropriately. In addition, 9to5Mac also confirm that the manufacturer case in central Asia showed this design to a whole seller in many countries.

This news has denied previous rumors that says that the iPhone 5 will have a design similar to the iPhone 4. Even so, as rumors before, this latest information was not yet certain truth. Apple itself, as usual, chose silence and let the media and observers guessing the iPhone display 5 which has been eagerly awaited.

Meanwhile, related to the date of launch, the latest rumors claim that this latest version of the iPhone would be introduced to the public on 5 September.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ultrabook 2011 Dell and Lenovo Review

We spoke of ultrabook Often, ultraportable, and ultra-thin notebook with an Intel Core i3 / i5/i7 and price less than $ 1,000.

A few months from its official launch at Computex 2011 During a keynote from Intel, the major companies are planning to launch at least one model ultrabook in the third quarter of 2011. The first companies are Hewlett-Packard (HP), Acer, Asustek Computer, Followed by Dell and Lenovo.

All have scheduled the launch of a ultrabook in the second half of 2011, with mass production in September. The Asus ultrabook UX21, has managed to avoid the problems related to lack of components hadware. For the second half of 2011, Asus has planned 400000-500000 ultra-thin notebooks every month, including 100,000 units ultrabook. As for Acer and Dell, Both companies face some problems in the recovery of LCD panels from its ODM partners, but also for the Launch of Their ultrabook is fixed for the second half of 2011, with production in September. The volume of production and timing, however, May Vary. The HP ultrabook was scheduled for the month of August, produced by Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry).
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Mozilla Prepare Operation System for Tablet


Mozilla is preparing a special mobile device operating system. Even though 'similar' Chrome OS, the target is the smartphones and tablets. Project to create this new operating system called Boot to the Gecko or abbreviated B2G. Web-based open operating system is almost the same idea as conceived by the Google Chrome OS. However, if ChromeOS made to the notebook, B2G this project will target smartphones and tablets. As stated by Andreas Gal Mozilla technician who quoted from eWeek, Tuesday (07/26/2011).

Gecko name of the project is taken from Mozilla's layout engine. Say it, Mozilla will build with components B2G Android and Gecko as its main technology. Mike Shaver, one of the lead developers of this project, said Android is only used to a minimum. Android kernel and drivers say just be a starting point. In this project paved the Mozilla hoped to attend the help and advice from many developers in the world.

They will cooperate in the scheme of a typical open the Open Source community. Of course, Mozilla would need time to compete with the Chrome OS. Google just took two years to achieve the expected results, and now Chrome OS is still on the rise as well.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Samsung Prepare Smartphone Galaxy 3D

The device of three dimensional (3D) the main attraction at this time. Not surprisingly, many vendors now embed the 3D capabilities in its products. A rumor spread, mentions that Samsung is working on a 3D-capable phones Galaxy. ETNews, South Korean news site, in its report, citing people in the Samsung says that the company plans to launch a 3D mobile phone, like those of the HTC and its nearest competitor, Motorola.

Specifications are more or less similar to the HTC and LG Optimus 3D Evo 3D, both of which have a 3D screen which can be seen without the aid of special glasses, front and rear camera which can be used to take pictures in 3D format, as well as dual-core processor Exynos powerful. on Monday (7/25/2011), phones that use Android OS Gingerbread reportedly is likely to be named Galaxy 3D and 4.3-inch screen size.

Other additional features are also interesting, Samsung's 3D Galaxy can display 3D content into 3D TV via the HDMI connection. If indeed there is a new feature, it can be an important breakthrough since the ability to share their 3D media are very limited.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Android Digital Wallet Will Enter to Asia

Android phones ability to perform the functions as a digital wallet just waiting for time to go in Asia. Google - as pembesut Android - make sure this is only a matter of legal problems. According to Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, the existence of the chip NFC (Near Field Communication) make this a reality.

With this technology users can take advantage of cell phone like a credit card. "Google's wallet payment system will begin tested in Japan. Having recently in the United States, within the next few months will go to the new Asia. It's just a matter of regulatory issues," said Eric, in the event Google Mobile Revolution, which took place in Tokyo, Japan. With a digital wallet on the Android phone, users need to be convinced not to worry if you leave the house without carrying money. Stay just paste your cell phone to transact. "The technology is open to anyone. And the latest generation Android phones will be able to run these features," said Eric.

Previously, Google claimed to have worked with Citibank, Mastercard, First Data and Sprint to tested and operate these services in some regions of the United States. Google Wallet initially be working on the new Google phone Nexus S which operates on the Sprint network. Then be expanded to other Android phones, but only special that has NFC technology.

NFC chips in mobile phones allow users who have entered their credit card details, make purchases with PayPass system of CitiMasterCard. Users simply holding the phone in the sensing device when purchasing goods and automatic payments charged to credit cards. Google Wallet can be used in 124 thousand stores in the United States.

Then 311 thousand will be visited again in the world. Google ensures transactions through Google Wallet can be done safely. They claim security is a top priority in this new service.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Rumor iPhone 5 Come in August?

apple iphone

Apple is like a puzzle in preparing for the latest products that will be released to the market, including the iPhone 5. Widely reported earlier this smart device will be presented on 5 September, but other sources say different things. From reliable sources say Apple will speed up their pace in bringing the iPhone 5. Mentioned, this phone will land in mid-August. So that was launched via Boy Genius Report, Wednesday (07/20/2011).

BGR source is indeed mention in detail about the certainty of the iPhone 5, referred to as a reliable source, this phone is expected to be present on 16 August or in late summer. The report also said that it is possible that Apple will release iPhone 3G is cheaper than ever before.

This move comes as the Android platform is to continue to overtake Apple as their supremacy in the smartphone market. iPhone 5 is said to have dual-core processor will run the A5 and the new IOS 5. Smartphone said for a larger screen and has an 8 megapixel camera that can record 1080p video resolution.
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Styling Ala James Bond with Spy Camera

Rows of this device was fitted dubbed as a surveillance camera. Most likely no one would think that a watch, clock, pens, buttons and flashlight is actually a miniature camera. Users also can get a little style style spy like James Bond.

Inside the watch, clock, pens, buttons and a flashlight, there are cameras that can record video or snapped photos. To watch the tape, the user can easily connect to a computer.

1. Pen Camera

Pen has a glimpse of this elegant shapes. Her whole body was wrapped in black. And this pen can also be used for writing.

But apparently behind the clamps used to tuck a pen in your pocket, there is a small hole that is the camera. Simply press a button on the pen, then the camera will start recording. Recording the results can be copied to a computer via a USB port. The video itself is not good enough, but good enough to simply show the objects around. 4GB storage capacity of its own reach.

2. Watches Camera

Equipped with a variety of buttons, one might think of its uses is to work especial menu at the clock. But apparently some of the buttons functions to control the camera feature in these hours.

There is a power button, indicator, hole plugs to connect the camera until this hour with the computer, to see the videotape or camera. Unfortunately, this watch is rather heavy and less comfortable to use.

3. Flashlight Camera

This black flashlight capable of emitting light to illuminate the darkness, like any other flashlight. But again, this flashlight is able to record the situation around him armed with a small camera. On button to turn on the flashlight, there is also a button to turn on the camera.

The location of the camera itself was in the midst of a flashlight. Flashlight bright enough so that the presence of these camera hole obscured.

4. The camera buttons

Small camera this one is its form like a flash disk, but with additional buttons at the top. Well, these buttons can be tucked behind the clothes will be in action when a surveillance camera. At the bottom, there is a micro USB plug. With 4GB of storage capacity, quite a lot of content that can be stored recordings.

5. Desk Clock Camera

This tool can be said to be the most superior among other types of surveillance cameras on top.

Supported by a large battery capacity, camera tangible clock is capable of recording video up to 12 hours. Was fairly greatest memory, supporting up to 32 GB and as this is the picture quality.

Hawkers of surveillance cameras is not yet widely encountered.

But in Indonesia, there is one online store that sells such devices, Sites that fronted a teenager named Victor claims to be able to sell hundreds of units each month.
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Monday, July 18, 2011

HTC Flyer Tablet Android Review

HTC has officially marketed their first tablet in Indonesia. HTC Flyer, armed with a myriad of features that make it look different from most other Android tablets. Some time ago i have tasted HTC Flyer, and feel the sensation using the gadget. Well, this time i will explore more deeply about the features offered.

Design Teasing

In view of this product is different from that never tasted i some time before its release. Still looks elegant and seductive. Moreover in the package users are given a bonus white-colored leather case is interesting. Hold this product seemed to fit in the hand. The entire body feels solid thanks to the unibody metal materials are used. Display screen also looks bright, comfortable enough to read a long article and to watch the movie High Definition (HD).

But unibody metal material that is not fully attached fun. In addition to a battery that can not be removed, users will also be a bit difficult to open the cover of this product when you want to insert the SIM card or an external memory. The surface feels too slippery, so prone to slipping when the user's hands to sweat. Oh yes, the product has a weight of about 420.8 grams, is quite heavy compared to the same size tablet pc.

There are three main panels in the HTC touch Flyer ie Home, Menu and Back, with a special key for the Magic Pen others. The four seemed to touch panel integrated with gravity sensors. The proof, when used in portait mode, the panel is located on the bottom, and when used in landscape mode it was four panels follow the movements of the user to the bottom (usually on the side). This has never encountered on other tablet pc. At the interface, the HTC Flyer faces made all-out. Desire performance similar to S but with a bigger screen.

Interface that is so interesting because this product is immersed HTC Sense 3.0. The difference with the previous series, animated homescreen shift every now increasingly attractive with three-dimensional transition. Not to forget also included some widgets like a typical HTC Friend Stream, Mail, Weather, News, and the widget 'library' containing a variety of digital books. In addition, there is still connected with the HTC Hub and applications and Watch applications that can be used to rent or buy movies. Quite interesting is not it?

Performance Self

Although not tabpet PC the loudest, but the performance on offer is still fairly sufficient for some purposes such as processing documents, visiting sites with flash content, up to watch high resolution movies. So even when used for gaming. I try to play some titles like World War, Eternal Legancy, Gun Bros., and Air Attack HD was smoothly played. Want to try to convince, I try to do testing using multiple applications bechmark. The first test conducted by Quadrant who managed to carve figures of 1869. While the application AnTutu System Benchmark score 2429. Indeed not the greatest, but HTC promises an exciting experience thanks to the 'Pen Magic' are included.

Various Functions Magic Pen

Pen Magic 'which is included in the HTC Flyer is designed to write true, but in fact its function is more than that. For example to paint, highlight text in the web, take a screenshot, signature of documents, and all of it can be sent directly via email or social networking.

There are two main buttons Magic Pen, the button down to write, whereas the top to remove. For resources, the device is supported by an AAA battery. Seductive design, features are plentiful, and the presence of a 'magic pen' seems to be the main attraction of the HTC Flyer. But unfortunately these tablets Android Gingerbread priced above the market price of other tablets at Rp 6.9 million.

+ Design cool
+ There is a Magic Pen
+ Interface interesting

- Slightly heavier
- Still Gingerbread HTC Flyer

¤ OS: Android 2.3.3
¤ CPU: Qualcomm 1.5 GHz
¤ Memory: 1GB RAM and 32GB of internal memory
¤ Screen: 7 inches , 600 X 1024 pixels
¤ Camera: 1.3 MP in front and behind 5MP
¤ Connection: HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Blutooth 3.0, Micro USB
¤ Size: 195.4 x 122 x 13.2 mm
¤ Weight: 420.8 g
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Windows 8 Not Need High Specifications

Computer Keyboard

Much later on the assumption that Windows 8 will require high computer specs to optimize it, but Microsoft is convinced that this is not true. Mirror of the growth of Windows ever, would not be surprised if many who think so. For example, when Microsoft released Windows Vista, users who previously used Windows XP need to upgrade some components of the PC.

It began to be fixed when the appearance of Windows 7, the operating system was able to optimize the hardware so it does not require excessive computer specifications, so even with Windows 8 later.

"Windows 8 can be operated on a range of broader computer system, can be the same (with Windows 7) or even below it," said Tami Reller, corporate vice-president of Windows, quoted from tomshardware, Monday (18/07/2011). Reller also added that, Windows 8 have intelligence that is able to optimize each component on the computer. So, users with computers that currently exist or are planning to upgrade to get a better experience. For comparison, here are the minimum specifications for using Windows 7:

¤ Processor: 1 GHz 32-bit or 64 - bit

¤ Memory: 1 GB (for 32-bit) and 2 Gb (for 64-bit)

¤ Hardsik: 16 GB free space

¤ Graphics card : Compatible with Microsoft DirectX 9
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Push Notification Twitter Come for Android

Just Twitter update applications for Android, presenting the most requested feature Google's mobile community.

New features that were presented it is push notification. Yes, this means that when users get a Direct Message or any other activity on their Twitter account, you will see a pop-up notification on the status bar Android. Before there was this feature, users must manage their applications manually to refresh every few minutes or directly access the application to get the latest updates.

Quoted from TG Daily, Sunday (17/07/2011), push notification is now the same as Android apps for Facebook, where those features are standard features that must exist. Another update that added Twitter is the ability to 'juggle' more than one Twitter account from the same application.

Many people today have more than one Twitter account to separate the activities between work and personal lives. Now, there is no limit to the number of accounts to be linked with the application. Switching from one Twitter account to another is as easy as touching a button to access the menu 'Accounts'. But keep in mind, users should be careful that this does not make them easy to post updates on the wrong account. Latest version of Twitter for Android already available in the Android Market as free downloads.
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Latest Applications iPad 3G Phoneitipad

Applications Latest 3G iPad PhoneitiPad -the latest exciting news for users who want nelfon 3G iPad, iPad use 3G gadgets that currently has available features or PhoneitiPad applications that take advantage of the connection to the cellular network and allows users doing calls and receive calls as phone case. In addition to this application users can also send and receive SMS text messages.

phoneitipad app

PhoneitiPad application is not officially available in the App Store but is sold through Cydia app store with the price $ 19.99.

Therefore to use this application iPad 3G owners have to jailbreak their first tablet in the system and install Cydia application repository on the iPad. Here are the steps that must be done to install Applications Latest 3G iPad this PhoneitiPad:

1. Search serial number (serial number) of devices that can be found from the System> General> About. Note it number because this will be used as a unique identity PhoneItiPad.

2. Buy this application by visiting (can be via computer). Enter serial number when prompted.

3. Run repositories Cydia and add http:// Search PhoneItiPad then reinstall.

4. If step 3 has been done then the application will immediately be ready to work and can be used to call and send sms.

Tweak was developed by iPhoneIslam who also developed FaceIt3GS, software patch that allows users to use FaceTime iPhone3GS. As is known FaceTime previously could only be used in the iPhone 4, iPad 2 4G and iPod touch. This Tweak also not necessarily be able to work at 5 and needed IOS IOS 4.xx jailbreak. Thus, the risk borne.
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