Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wow, There Batteries Size of Bacteria

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nanowire battery graphic

Scientists from Rice University in Houston, Texas, United States, developed a battery that size is six times smaller than bacteria. Although super small size, this battery can be used for various electronic devices, including sensors that function to analyze a single cell. With a width of 150 nanometers, this battery a hundred times thinner than a human hair and 60 thousand times smaller than the type of AAA batteries.

The developers claim, this is the world's smallest battery. Actually, the battery is a cross between a battery with superkapasitor. Superkapasitor alone can deliver more energy than batteries. Quoted from Cnet, on Wednesday (08/03/2011), the battery was made from thousands of small-nan solid matrix.

Each battery is nanowires with half of the wire works as a negative electrode and the other as the positive electrode. Nano battery is likely to be more frequently used for medical purposes, such as providing power to devices that can be implanted medical, biological and chemical sensors and microscopic wireless networks.

Until now, the battery is still a prototype and is still being developed.


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