Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vinci, Tablet Computer for Toddlers

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vinci, tablet computer

Tablet computer is now not only belongs to the adult with the presence of Vinci's devices that will be carried off by Amazon. A tablet computer intended for the baby that is still under the age of 4 years. Vinci tablet comes with a design tailored to the children and wrapped with a non-toxic materials. It has dimensions of 7 inches and has a handle making it easy played by toddlers.

Vinci claimed to be the tool that allows learning to be more interactive and he will be crammed with content that smelled supporting education. With a tablet suitable for children under the age of 4 years, the manufacturers are also likely to allow children to play games that have been selected, read books and enjoy the music videos.

This tool not a toy, he is the Android-based device that uses the Cortex A8 processor, a storage capacity of 4GB and a magnitude 3 MP camera. Tablet Vinci also equipped with a slot for MicroSD, a built-in speakers and a built-in microphone. Weighing not much different from the iPad in which he weighs 580 grams, while the iPad weighs 603 grams. And do not worry the kids will be downloading or accessing something weird because he will not be equipped with Wi-Fi.

Quoted from DigitalTrends, Tuesday (08/02/2011), Vinci tablets sold for USD 389 and was released in America on 10 August.


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