Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nokia C2-03, Dual SIM Phone with Touch Screen

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nokia c2-03

Nokia mobile phone dual sim add ammunition to market the country. They bring the Nokia C2-03, dual sim phone which has a resistive touch screen navigation keypad combined with a physical style of sliding.

The presence of C2-03 Nokia mobile phone dual sim add to the family that first they are marketed, namely Nokia and Nokia C2-00 X1-01. This seemed to prove the seriousness of the Finnish mobile phone vendor in the mobile market two cards country. Nokia C2-03 based on the Symbian S40 operating system which means not enter the category of smart phones. However, the features in this phone is claimed to be quite capable, for example by the presence of Nokia Maps S40 that can be used offline.

"Nokia Maps on the C2-03 to work without the help of GPS. Therefore, the maps already included directly in the memory card. Included is also pre-loaded point interest or key sites such as gas stations," explains Anvid Erdian, Product Manager Nokia Indonesia in Jakarta, Wednesday ( 03/08/2011) interface 2.6-inch touch screen in the C2-03-like design with Symbian OS like Anna.

In addition to touch screens, mobile operations can also use the numeric style sliding physical keyboard.

Other features in this phone such as a 2 megapixel camera, and browser which can compress data by 90% for faster Internet access. Not to forget the easy swap with the features in the Nokia C2-00, which allows the addition of a second sim can be done without shutting off the phone.

Nokia C2-03 is available at a price of about IDR 900 thousand. With three champion, X1-01, C2 and C2-00-03, Nokia was ready to compete with players of other dual sim mobile phone industry in Indonesia.


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